If you can't save your national animal what else can you save?

If you can't save your national animal what else can you save?
I have done my part for saving nature. Now, it's your turn

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tiger awareness program at Schools in Managlore

The blog has been inactive for quite some time and the activities have been shut for few months due to personal reasons.

It back to school days and students are busy with their new classes, new subjects, new teachers, new classroom and new friends. This is the right time to take the tiger awareness camp to the school children and bring awareness in young minds.

If you want the tiger awareness program to be conducted at your school, feel free to reach me at a.maithily@gmail.com

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saving Wildlife begins at home!

When I had plans to conduct awareness program for children in Mangalore, I met few children to talk about this program but most of the kids were not interested and they just avoided the conversation. This generation kids are more active on computers and television but care very less for nature and wildlife.

Do they think, saving wildlife is a bigger thing that cannot be achieved?

I'm here to tell them, saving wildlife begins at home!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

From 5 to 50 More children in Mangalore learning about tiger and wildlife conservation

When I started this awareness program, there were few people who showed interest in this and others just ignored the program completely.With reference from people who have passion for tigers, nature,  and wildlife, I was able to screen the movie and conduct an awareness program for 50-75 children in Mangalore. Thanks to Reshma Bangadi of creations summer camp for giving me an opportunity to conduct the program at your place. 

Date: 08-04-2015
Venue: Creations Children summer camp

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tiger awareness program at Mars and Venus Apartments on 6th April 2015

6 - April - 2015 Tiger Awareness Program at Mars and Venus Apartment Chilimbi.

The first program in Mangaluru began with a set of 5 children and 3 members from Rx Life. Since its the beginning, it was conducted at my residence in Mangaluru. The program began with an introduction about wildlife and how simple things can create a big impact on wildlife and nature. The show began with a power point presentation which told the children about how to love nature, what a wild animal need, why food, paper, water and energy should not be wasted.

It helped the children to understand that even a simple change can bring goodness to the society and nature. The Truth about tigers movie was played and children enjoyed watching them. The quiz part was the highlight and everyone answered the questions with eagerness and enthusiasm. The kids have brought drawings, paintings and slogans done by them and it was discussed during the session.

Saving the environment and nature starts from home and children should start respecting and loving nature from their young age. It is a proud moment to teach children and make them realise the importance of saving nature.

I have done my job! Hoping that, you will do yours!

PS: Thanks to Dr. Gayathri and team from Rx life.


Jayadeep Karanth - Class 9, Canara High School, Vishak.k - Class 8, Govt. P.U. College Puttur D.K,
Krirarth - Class 7, Lourdes Central School, Shraddha D Nair - Class 7, Lourdes Central School, Sweetline - Class 2.

The number does not count!

My first tiger awareness program in Mangalore will be held today at my residence. Though I received numerous calls, I have received a less number of confirmations from the children and parents. The reason behind the program is just to bring the interested children in front and to encourage them. I do not believe in numbers and would be happy to screen the movie even for one interested kid! Numbers really doesn't matter, but interest does!

Hoping to have a good screening session and motivating young children to create a change!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thanks to news papers who are supporting my initiative

When I spoke to my husband regarding my tiger awareness program, he encouraged me and gave his full support which gave me confidence to start this initiative. Later, spoke to my few of my friends in Mangalore and most of them were supporting and in fact helped me with the posters and marketing ideas and of course, few other friends of mine just neglected this program and walked out!

Though there was no proper response from the general public, Time Of India was very supportive and recognized my 5 years of work in this field of awareness and have put up an article in their news column. Thanks to 'The Hindu' who have also helped me to spread the word to the general public. Social media plays a major role in connecting people these days and yes, I have created an event page in Facebook and have passed it across to my friends here in Mangalore. Spreading a word can cause many changes, as a citizen, spread this word to everyone you know and a small support can make a big change.

My responsibility is to spread awareness and spread the word across that would reach maximum number of people. Hoping for all children in Mangalore to get benefited with this free awareness program.


The Hindu Dated 01-04-2015
Times of India Dated 01-04-2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

It's More than just tiger awareness

If you can't save your national animal, what else can you save???

The program is not just about tiger awareness, but it tell you more about what simple things can spoil the habitat of wildlife!


Dear Parents,
Let your kids learn something useful this summer! This is a free awareness program for children to learn about our national animal.

The program includes
  • ·        Screening a documentary film on tigers
  • ·        Quiz on wild life
  • ·        Drawing/painting/collage/ slogan writing
  • ·        Discussion session

What your kid learn?

  • ·        Habitat of tigers
  • ·        Conservation of wildlife

This program is conducted to spread awareness and NO FEE will be collected.
Program starts from 6th April’15
Limited seats are available per screening so please call to confirm.

                                                                                             For Registration please contact                                                                                                                 Maithily.A                                                                                                                                                  09444525353                                                                                                                                              A.maithily@gmail.com